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Check our DNA and the Values. This is what we preach for ourselves and deliver for our Clients.


Welcome to Vector Resources. Your catalyst for comprehensive human capital solutions and career growth. As an integrated platform, we cater to businesses seeking top-tier talent and individuals aiming for career excellence. Our mission is to guide businesses to the right talent and empower candidates to shape their futures.

What sets us apart is our fusion of advanced technology and proven hiring techniques. Our robust Tech Stack, driven by AI and NLP, optimizes every stage of the hiring process, enhancing precision and efficiency.

It's not just automation; it's a symphony of innovation and experience.

At the heart of our endeavors are the candidates. Our Professional and Personal Development programs are meticulously designed to mold individuals into job and career-ready professionals. We're not just focusing on job placements; we're nurturing future leaders. With strategies for self-development, learning, and strategic positioning, candidates are equipped to excel in their roles and shape their career trajectories.

Our team is a powerhouse of expertise, a blend of C-Suite leaders, corporate executives, business visionaries, and military veterans. With diverse experiences across Business, Finance, Office Services, Skilled Trades, and professional hiring, we bring a 360-degree perspective to every engagement.

Welcome to Vector HR and Resources, where we navigate you through the intricate world of human resources, setting a vector towards growth, prosperity, and success. With innovation at our core and experience in our sails, we're here to guide businesses and individuals towards their true potential.

People and Culture

Our people are what make us unique. We provide them with an environment that supports professional growth.

We are strong believers in giving our employees a voice. Our teams are put together to ensure maximum productivity and engagement.


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Our Values

  • Execute with Speed

  • Accountable to Action

  • Relationship Based

  • Transparent Communication

  • Create Trusted Foundation

  • Making an Impact

  • Change Agent Mindset

  • Embrace Technology to Leverage